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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Start to a Great Week in Canada

What better way to start our annual trip to Canada than a 7 hour trip with 4 adults, 2 toddlers, and a 3 month old in a suburban! My parents were unable to make it to Canada this year, so Amy, Kyle, and Ryley joined us on our adventure!  Canada is one of our highlights of the year, and we were very much looking forward to this week!
A look at how the backseat looked!  Amy and I were prepare with lots of snacks, movies, books, cars, sippy cups, and bottles for the ride there!

Dinner at McDonalds on the way. By the time we stopped, breathed some fresh air, changed diapers, and got everyone back into carseats each stop was about a half hour. haha

Ty watching a video with all his comforts.  Don't judge the pink paci - he got attached to Addi's paci, which we FINALLY have broken the paci habit when we got home - wait for a future post on that one :)

Ryley loved having Mags ride on her lap

The kiddos playing in the kayaks while the boys unpacked

Sunday morning pontoon ride. The Jeltema crew

Ty enjoying his juice and muffin on the pontoon ride
swim time!

Ty LOVED kayaking this year! One of their kayak rides was almost 2 hours!

The daddies taken the kids on the kayaks

Aunt Deedee & Grandpa
Aunt DeeDee and Ty swimming

Ryley loved Addi

Relaxing on the dock

Super mommies on the boat :)

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