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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Candy Rock Mountain

 It has become a tradition to climb Candy Rock Mountain each year in Canada.  Nate proposed just over 5 years ago on top of Candy Rock and we always make it a point to do it each year!
Nate, Ty, and Maggie starting the hike

 Each year Nate and Ty take a picture in the same spot!  3 years and counting!!

Water break at the top!

Girls only photo

Ty and Ryley eating a snack at the top

This was 5 years ago when Nate proposed....... and.....
....this is now in the exact same spot Nate proposed...2 kids later (one who wouldn't stop crying, and the other who we had to bribe ask him nicely to be in the picture with us). 

Nate carrying Ty on his shoulders and Addi in the carrier on the way down! The best daddy!

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