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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3 Month Happenings

 Addi has been growing in so many ways. She is becoming so much more alert and "interactive".  What a smiler she is!! She is such a HAPPY and CONTENT baby.  We are truly blessed.

Addi, at 3 months.....

* You are sleeping about 9:00-5:00am, then will go back to back till about 8:15-8:45
* You take a mini half hour nap in the morning, a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, and another mini 1/2 hour nap in the evening.
* You are wearing size 2 diapers but wear mostly cloth
* You can fit into 3 month clothes but the 6 month size is much more comfortable.  There are a couple 3 month outfits that I just can't pack away yet :)
* You love your excersaucer and love trying to reach out and grab the little toys
* When you smile your eyes completely light up
* You love to sleep on my knees, and love to be put to sleep by rocking side to side.
* You are cooing, squealing, and just talking up a storm.  Ty loves when you talk to him!
* You went on your first stroller ride without your carseat and loved looking around at everything
* You can roll from front to back and you are so close to rolling back to front
* You continue to be an excellent spitter :)
* When you are in your bouncer you don't like to be laying down and will try and continually sit up.
* You love sitting in the bumbo seat so you can see what is going on

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