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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3 Month Happenings

 Addi has been growing in so many ways. She is becoming so much more alert and "interactive".  What a smiler she is!! She is such a HAPPY and CONTENT baby.  We are truly blessed.

Addi, at 3 months.....

* You are sleeping about 9:00-5:00am, then will go back to back till about 8:15-8:45
* You take a mini half hour nap in the morning, a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, and another mini 1/2 hour nap in the evening.
* You are wearing size 2 diapers but wear mostly cloth
* You can fit into 3 month clothes but the 6 month size is much more comfortable.  There are a couple 3 month outfits that I just can't pack away yet :)
* You love your excersaucer and love trying to reach out and grab the little toys
* When you smile your eyes completely light up
* You love to sleep on my knees, and love to be put to sleep by rocking side to side.
* You are cooing, squealing, and just talking up a storm.  Ty loves when you talk to him!
* You went on your first stroller ride without your carseat and loved looking around at everything
* You can roll from front to back and you are so close to rolling back to front
* You continue to be an excellent spitter :)
* When you are in your bouncer you don't like to be laying down and will try and continually sit up.
* You love sitting in the bumbo seat so you can see what is going on


Addi is starting to love her excersaucer!

That little bear thing is her favorite thing to stare at :)

A visit from Aunt Sarah

Bathtime routine :o)

I just love this photo of Ty

Enjoying walks
Uncle Colin and Aunt Sara are officially living stateside! We were lucky enough to have them visit us for a couple days!  Ty loved blueberry picking, especially getting Colin to follow him around haha

Captain Sundaes

Aunt Sara trying to teach Ty how to drive his jeep. He is still a little scared....

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bye Bye Paci!

 We have been working on the thought of getting rid of "paci" for awhile now.  About a month ago Nate had gotten Ty to throw away (what we thought was) his last paci.  Ty was excited and had picked out a toy in exchange for throwing it away.  That first naptime was awful. He screamed, cried, screamed, and screamed some more.  All of a sudden he was asleep.  When we went in there, what did we find....... Ty asleep with a PACI IN HIS MOUTH.... WHAT?! Somehow he had found a lost Addi paci.... seriously!? haha. He was not about to give this paci up! I love the fact that he was obsessed with a pink paci haha. So, we decided to try the "broken paci" route where you slowly cut the tip off over a period of time.  He knew it was "broken" but still wanted it.  As we cut it more and more, he couldn't even suck on it, and it'd just hang on his lips.  It got to the point where it was time, so we decided to go off to build a bear to put paci in a teddy.  He was very excited the whole way about building a bear but became very shy and nervous once we got there.  We decided to go through the whole build a bear process and build Addi a bear first to show him what it actually meant to "build a bear".  After that, he was ready to go!  Here are some pictures of him building his bear!
picking out a teddy "skin"

Kissing paci goodbye

Putting paci in the teddy - he chose to put him in his foot so he can still feel him

pushing down the pedal to fill it with the "fluff"

This was Ty's FAVORITE part. You stepped on the pedal and it shot air down on the teddy.  We finally had to tell Ty that Teddy was clean enough!

Addi getting excited about her bear!

Ty picked out a U of M uniform
Getting excited.... Teddy is almost done!

Later that night... sound asleep with Teddy. Best thing. NO CRYING at all for paci :)

It's been 4 days and we have had no breakdowns for paci.  Today Ty was looking at Addi's paci, and I asked him if he had a paci.  He replied, "NAH! Momma, Teddy has paci!!!"  haha

Canada Fishing

 Of course, there was lots of fishing in Canada!  I only got to venture out twice because of taking care of Addi, but Nate and Kyle had lots of time out on the water.  Ty was a little bit more into "fishing" this year, it was just so cute seeing him with his little snoopy pole (which was mine when I was his age :) ).
Kickin' back and fishing

giving the fish a kiss

playing yard games
horseshoe tournament

Family Photo!
Nate fryin' up the fish

listening to old records at the cabin
Can't wait till next year!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Candy Rock Mountain

 It has become a tradition to climb Candy Rock Mountain each year in Canada.  Nate proposed just over 5 years ago on top of Candy Rock and we always make it a point to do it each year!
Nate, Ty, and Maggie starting the hike

 Each year Nate and Ty take a picture in the same spot!  3 years and counting!!

Water break at the top!

Girls only photo

Ty and Ryley eating a snack at the top

This was 5 years ago when Nate proposed....... and.....
....this is now in the exact same spot Nate proposed...2 kids later (one who wouldn't stop crying, and the other who we had to bribe ask him nicely to be in the picture with us). 

Nate carrying Ty on his shoulders and Addi in the carrier on the way down! The best daddy!