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Friday, June 22, 2012

Beach Week!

 We were SO excited to spend a week at the beach!

 First evening the Slagh Family joined us!  

Addi and Camryn at 2 months

Ty and Taylor

Tuesday was a day just for us :)
Addi in her new suit

Getting ready to go in the water. Ty looks scared but he just doesn't like to look at the camera... he LOVED the water

Getting some sun (well with Addi in Daddy's shade haha)

Wednesday was a play day with my friend Jess, Amy, and her daughter Ryley
What better way to nap than on the beach

Amy and Ryley

Jess and Amy with the kiddos in the water
This became one of Ty's favorite parts of the day... outdoor showers! He would ask for them and would not want to get out!
We have a couple more days to enjoy the beach, then back to reality...


  1. How wonderful! I think I;m ready for a beach day now! How old is your little girl?

    1. she is just over 2 months! Looks like things are going well with your little one :) Being a mommy is the best!

  2. I get what you mean about Ty not wanting to stop and look at the camera. JJ HATES the camera and often takes off running when I get it out, LOL. Those busy boys don't have time to stop and pose for their mommas! ;-)