Back Ground

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Backyard Project

We finally finished our little backyard project for Ty!  We wanted to make our backyard more "appealing" for Ty since we seem to always be stuck playing in our driveway. We had a playset downstairs that we thought would be fun to bring outside, and I also wanted to build a sandbox for Ty.  So, we decided to combine them.  To make our life less work, we decided to take out some of the landscape (so we don't have to do it anymore... haha) and place it next to the house. Here is how it turned out!

Almost all the landscape out..

Nate working away.

Ty loves helping Daddy

Doesn't he look so cute pushing his little wheelbarrel?

Sand..... check!

Play set and toys.... check!

Final look!  The other space will be my garden next year :)

Play time!!

Yay for summer projects!


  1. Good job! He will have HOURS of fun out there, and so will Addi when she gets old enough.