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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Parade

 Memorial Day means a time to remember those who are serving and have served for our country and what better way to do it with a small town Memorial Day parade.  Although Zeeland has a parade, we decided to head to Hamilton to watch.  Ty was excited thole whole drive there and was talking about firetrucks, tractors, and catching candy in his Elmo bucket (which was everything we told him that he'd see and do).
Addi just hanging out in her carseat

Ty waiting with Aunt Kara for the parade to begin... clutching that candy bucket!

I believe this was the time he said, "Mommy, look! Big firetruck!" and kept waving.. He waved to everyone that passed by lol
Blue Star Marathon finishers!! Nice work!

Ty taking a break from candy collecting

What Memorial Day parade doesn't have the Oscar Mayer mobile?

Happy Memorial Day!

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