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Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy 1 Month Addilyn

I can't believe that Addilyn is already a month old! Where has time gone? It has been quite the busy month but I feel I am really getting the hang of this two kid thing! I'm beginning to feel more confident with going out with both children and we have only had one episode of a complete disaster.  I ended up leaving Nate's track meet with Addi crying in the Ergo and me carrying out Ty on my hip throwing a tantrum..... I'm sure I was quite scene haha! I just had to remember to laugh about it....afterwards haha.  BEFORE kids, I always thought, "my children will never throw tantrums like that in public"..... haha YEAH RIGHT! I am lucky, Ty rarely throws a tantrum actually in public but  2 year olds are 2 year olds, and they don't call it terrible 2's for no reason at all :)

Addilyn is growing each day in so many ways. Everyday she seems to stay awake just a tad bit longer and is slowly beginning to find her voice and show her little personality. 


*you weigh about 8 1/2 pounds....same as your brother at 1 month, we'll see what happens next month!
*you are fitting perfectly into your newborn clothes but I think next week we'll begin to finally not "drown" in your 0-3month :)
*you sleep a good 6-7 hour stretch at night, and I usually only have to feed you once at night!
*you have blue eyes, and we think they are going to stay blue
*you don't like baths and they tend to be only as long as it takes me to soap you up and you want nothing more with that tub!
*you have an umbilical hernia, not sure how both you and your brother got cursed with that, but it is quite the hernia....
*your hip ultrasound, as there were concerns of possible hip dysplasia, came back normal, praise God!
* you have the longest tongue! You like to show it off and seem to always have that tongue sticking out!
*you love to be held and you don't quite know what to do with yourself when you are awake and not being held (you aren't a fan of your swing or bouncer at this point either)
*evenings are your crankiest times
*you have been sleeping in your crib since 3 weeks

 1 day old......

1 month old.....
and some brotherly love....