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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Big Brother

Ty is such a great big brother!  
 We've definitely had our moments of jealousy from Ty, which is totally understandable, but I've been impressed how much Ty likes to "help" with Addi. The things he says to her are so cute sometimes and other times it just makes me laugh aloud.  

Two hilarious stories - so we don't forget (both related to nursing....)
Most of you know, Ty was quite the biter, so he knows that "No biting" is a rule in this household. The first time Ty saw me nursing Addi, he gets a stern look on his face, and with a firm voice says, "NO biting Addi, No bite mommy!"
This one shows a little bit of jealousy.... I was nursing Addi today, and Ty says, "me hungry too! me drink!" (and points to .....) SO we had to have a little discussion that Ty has his big boy milk that he drinks out of his car sippy :) 
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - Ty, now it's written down, and we'll never forget!

Here is how Ty shows that he is such a great big brother....
- When I say it's time to change Addi, he runs to get a diaper for her before I can even ask.
- When Addi spits up, sometimes he'll say, "Addi mess, me get wipes" and he'll bring me wipes to clean her up
- When Addi cries, he either says, "It's okay Addi, it's okay or No crying Addi, No crying"
- When Addi is in the carseat, and it's sitting on the floor, he'll go and say, "rock, rock" and rock the carseat back and forth genty

 and what better person to give the first bottle at 4 weeks old :)

On a side note, It was 88 degrees yesterday, so we were finally able to bring out the kiddie pool :) SO excited for more summery weather in the next couple weeks!

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