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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Addilyn's Newborn Photos

 We are so happy with how Addi's pictures turned out.  These were taken when Addilyn was 4 days old and we couldn't believe how alert she was during these pictures!  We were hoping she'd sleep the entire time, but now I'm glad we got some shots of those beautiful eyes of hers! :) We contemplated bringing Ty to get some photos with him and her, but it was so much work getting Addi in the right position, and staying there, that I was happy we decided to get a family photo session in the early summer instead.

Here are some of our favorites!



  1. She is a precious little munchkin. It was so nice to hold her today! It was nice seeing you looking so good, and well-rested, too!

  2. Love the pictures!! The newborn stage goes so fast - and you guys captured it perfectly! :o)

  3. Love them!!!!!!!! She is adorable:)