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Thursday, April 26, 2012

We survived week 1!

BIG yawn :)
 We have made it through week 1 of having two children! Maternity leave with two children is definitely much different than maternity leave with one child!  We had Addi's 1 week appointment today and she weighed in at 6lbs 11.5oz., so she is .5oz away from being back at her birth weight. yay! 
Here is a little look into our first week home as a family of 4 :)
This is where we spend most of our mornings.... Addi sleeping and Ty and mommy playing trains
Lack of sleep = naps on the couch after work
Ty made a bed on living room floor and wanted to tuck his animals AND Addi into bed. She looks like a little doll!
Nothing better than a sleeping baby
Ty checking out Addi
1st bath at home
We took our first trip to Kzoo when Addi was 5 days old to visit my grandma.  She was just diagnosed with cancer, and this was really a special moment for all of us to be together!
My parents surprised us and visited the weekend Addi was born! I was SO excited to see them! I'm lucky to have my mom coming back in a week or so to help out for a couple of days!


  1. So sorry about your grandma's news. So happy you survived your first week as a family of 4. Your adorable kiddos will be a source of joy and strength for your grandma!

  2. So are you getting any sleep?

    I'm really anxious and nervous about this whole two kid thing, especially now that it's getting really close. Maybe I should have thought a little more about that 9 months ago.

    After reading yours and Kelly's post, I'm getting pretty nervous. It doesn't sound like rainbows and butterflies.

  3. They are so sweet Kristen! Sounds like you are handling everything like a pro! Love you guys!