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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break

We have had a blast this week. It definitely is a plus with both of us being teachers and having the week off together. We got to enjoy some family time, get some projects done around the house, and simply just be lazy :) I will officially be 37 weeks tomorrow, FULL TERM, so it was nice for us to have this time to spend 1:1 time with Ty. He is at such a fun age and both of us have talked numerous times about how much we enjoy playing with him. His vocabulary is exploding and everyday we seem to be in awe of the phrases he'll put together. Some of them which make us laugh and others we question where he ever learned it from. Here is just a small peak at our fun week!

Kelly and I took the kiddos to Fredrick Gardens to see the butterflies. Ty was much more interested in looking at the butterflies from far away, going through the tunnel, checking out the waterfall, and crossing the bridges. He was actually a little bit scared when butterflies would fly too close! Of course, Ty and Taylor loved spending time together, and they thought it was about the best thing in the world to be riding in the same car together. I don't think they stopped jabbering the entire 40 min. to the gardens.

Ty also has mastered eating cereal without creating a huge mess. He has to finish his milk in the bowl so I taught him how to finish it off by drinking from the bowl. He thought it was the coolest thing ever and would yell "I did it!" everytime he finished it off.
Daddy and Ty working away at there computers
I have been craving chocolate milk the last couple weeks and finally gave in and gave Ty some. I was nervous that he'd only want chocolate milk so I had held off on giving him some. He LOVED it! Thankfully, he still likes his white milk too :)

Of course, we had lots of park adventures this week!

We also had a fun visit with Uncle Matt & Aunt Sara. Ty was very excited to see them. They also brought their dog, Stella, who was quite the ball of energy! Ty liked her for the most part, but did not like when Stella tried to take Bear, Elmo, or Teddy.

It's hard to believe spring break is done! It definitely got me looking forward to lots more family time this summer (and we'll be a family of FOUR! AH!).

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