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Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome Baby Addilyn!

Addilyn Grace Vande Guchte
6lbs 12oz 
19 inches
Welcome Addilyn Grace VandeGuchte! It's taken me a few days but I'm finally getting this post up! Addilyn made her debut fast and furious and although we were "ready", we were still surprised!  Nate and I were just falling asleep around 10:30 on Tuesday night when I started having some contractions that seemed to be stronger than the ones I'd had in the last few weeks.  I got up and decided to walk around to see if that would help them subside.  After about 45 minutes of walking around, laying down, timing, and deciding if this was it, I decided to wake Nate.  You'd think I'd have awoken him sooner, but I thought I could just "get over them" haha.  At this point it was 11:15 and I knew it was time to think about getting to the hospital.  I woke up Nate and told him to immediately call his sister to come watch Ty.  Kelsi arrived and we were on our way.  The ride to the hospital was probably the worst part of the night, it was a long 15 minutes....  we arrived at the hospital at midnight, and finally got to our room and checked at 12:15, and I was 9cm! The only thing holding baby girl back from coming was that my water hadn't broken, but no worries, not shortly after it broke all over Nate's shoes :) HAHA. At that point, we were ready to go! The doctor finally arrived and 4 contractions later and at 12:42 a.m., Miss Addilyn was here! From start to finish, my labor was about 2 hours 10 minutes, she was not joking around about getting here!

getting ready to leave the hospital

Proud daddy of a little girl!
My friend Kelly's little girl, Camryn, and Addi, 5 days apart
Aunt Kelsi
Grandma and Addi

Ty loves the little noises she makes
Family photo
Ty opening his "big brother" gift
Ty wanted to give Addi a kiss :)

We feel so blessed to have Addilyn home with us. She is about 6lbs 7oz. now, so we are slowly gaining weight back :) Everything looked great at our 24 hour check up at the doctors and we go back in 1 week to see how she is doing with her weight gain.  Most likely she will be having an ultrasound in 4 weeks to check out some hip clicking/instability with one of her hips.  The doctor is pretty sure that the test will come back normal, but just something we want to stay on top of.  

Now we are home and we are trying to adjust being a family of 4! Ty has his good and bad moments.  He wants to be by Addi a lot but we are working on how to be "gentle" with Addi.  When Addi gets changed, he wants to help get her diaper, and then he thinks that he has to be changed as well.  :) He likes giving her kisses, saying "you're okay Addi" when she is crying, and letting her borrow bear when she cries.  He does struggle, especially when I have to feed Addi.  I've taken him out on a little mommy and Ty outing each day which he is always excited about.  

Addi, you are 6 days old.....
you weigh 6lbs 7oz....
you sleep 2.5 - 3 hours at a time at night....
you remind us of a little bird with your little legs, and the way you stretch your neck out when you are hungry and the sound of your cry....
you swim in your newborn outfits.....
 you love to be swaddled....
and you are the perfect addition to our little family.


  1. Very sweet! I'd love to swing by on Friday (we don't have school in case you don't remember. lol)and say "hey." Let me know if you'd like company (I will not be offended if you say no).Otherwise, enjoy your growing family!

  2. Congratulations on your new family of four! Addi is adorable! I'm so glad you're all doing well and adjusting to life. Take care!