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Saturday, March 17, 2012

What a Beautiful Week!

Mid-March is not when I expected to be going out to buy a pair of maternity shorts! The last couple of days has been mid to high 70's and we'll have a couple more beautiful days in the next week! We have been soaking up as much sun as possible and have spent every possible second outside. We've made numerous trips to the park, pulled out the water table (he decided to climb in at one point because he was so hot), gone on bike rides, had cookouts, chalked up the driveway, ran around the house, played every type of "ball" possible, and gone on walks. I just had to include some pictures of the last couple days, including a play date with Ryley! I can't wait to enjoy some more beautiful sunshine in the next couple days!

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  1. Love that photo of Nate and Ty with the baseball bat!