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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Ty!

*I know I am 1 day late on this post - but I was way too tired last night to do it!

Unfortunately, on Ty's birthday I had to do a normal work day plus conferences from 4:00 - 9:00 which meant I would not be able to see Ty on his big day. Thankfully, Nate is such a great hubby and daddy that he brought Ty into school during my dinner break. He had fun running around the classroom, hallways, and visiting people. He had opened gifts from us the previous day, but Kelly had brought a little present from her and Taylor for Ty to open. He was SO excited for another present to open :) I also brought a little cake for him to have on his real birthday as well. I brought the Elmo topper from his party, as well as the number 2 candle. My coworker & friend, Jodi, also was celebrating her birthday that day, so we made sure that she got to blow out the candle on the cake too! During dinner, the entire Blue Star Staff even sang Happy Birthday to Ty, which just was the cutest thing ever. That little thing just makes me realize how blessed I am to work in an environment where everyone truly cares about and supports each other.

We had Ty's 2 year check up today and he is now 32lbs 9oz and 35.5 inches long. Our little linebacker is slowing down in his growth, which is good for me because he is a monster to carry around everywhere!

Ty at 2 years....

* Your favorite books are Thomas the Train and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. When you read Thomas the Train you continuously ask if they are going to crash, which is your favorite thing to do with your toy trains. When we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, we can leave out any of the words and you are able to fill them in. My teacher heart melts that you are able to already catch onto the patterns of books!

* Your favorite foods are cheese, strawberries, yogurt, macaroni and cheese, and waffles (with whipped cream and syrup... I gave you my bad habit!). You always want yogurt as your evening snack and I think you could live on cheese alone if I let you. You aren't big into veggies, although you do like corn!

* You LOVE LOVE LOVE playing basketball. You have a hoop in your room and you spend at least 1-2 hours shooting hoops each day. If someone comes over you'll run and say, "hoops me, hoops me" to ask them to come play with you. You love to "gunk" (dunk) and will push the hoop around the house to shoot from different places. You also love to play with your train table. You tend to destroy my beautiful tracks that I create quite often, but seeing how much fun you have playing with it motivates me enough to rebuild them when you ask.

* You sleep around 11 hours at night and take 1 afternoon nap. At daycare you normally sleep 1-1.5 hours but at home your normal nap is usually 2-3 hours. You ALWAYS need to have bear and paci when you go to sleep. At night time you also like to have your green blanket, Elmo, and Teddy along with bear and paci. Before laying down you like to say good night to all your toys and give your trains kisses. You sleep through the night, but on nights that you do wake up you always want daddy first (which I am okay with :) He is such a good daddy and that means I can stay in bed).

* You love your big boy room and you also love to talk about Baby's room. You know what things belong to baby and are such a big helper with putting things together for her. You know baby's name and when I ask you where baby is you have to see my actual belly and will give her a kiss. At daycare they say you are so gentle and good with the littler ones, which makes me excited to see how you interact with your new little sister.

* You have your stubborn side and can be very strong willed. When there is something that you want or if you don't get your way, you know how to throw a fit and do your famous fake cry. We always know when you are doing a fake cry because you'll turn your palms up and cover your eyes which you never do when you are truly upset/hurt. Your strong willed attitude makes me nervous about going out in public sometimes as we have made quite the scenes at times. You are slowly learning that mommy is even more stubborn than you and won't let you get away with much :)

* Over the last couple weeks it seems your vocabulary has exploded! You surprise us everyday with words that we don't even remember teaching you. You are soaking up every little thing and we have become very aware of what and how we say things around you. Your favorite words/phrases are , "ut oh" , "where ______ go?", "Mo" (no), and "hoops dees".

We are looking forward to watching you grow over the next year and seeing how your little personality develops. We can't wait to watch you become a big brother! We know there will be times of jealousy, but we will always remind you how much we love you and how you will always be our little boy. You have a special place in our hearts. We love you Ty James, Happy 2nd Birthday little man!


  1. Thomas the Train made me the man I am today. Ty is on the path to glory.