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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Elmo Style!

*Beware.... lots of pictures!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Ty James (ah! can he really be 2?)! We celebrated Ty's birthday today, a few days before his actual birthday. Unfortunately, my family doesn't live around here but Nate's family was able to come over and help us celebrate 2 years with our wonderful little boy! Ty has been loving Elmo the last few months so we decided, well I convinced Nate, to have an Elmo themed party. We had been talking about Ty's Elmo party for the last couple days, and Ty talked about his Elmo cake, practiced blowing out candles, and responded "2" when we asked how old he was going to be numerous times throughout the last few days. It was fun to see him get excited about these little things such as his cake and presents (much different than last year)! Ty was VERY excited to see all the Elmos around the kitchen on the streamers, on the table, on the cake, and all the other little random decorations. Ty had an absolute blast the entire party and enjoyed every moment! I loved decorating, including spending a couple of hours on that cake, and just watching him as he celebrated his big day.

By the way this last picture is him saying a big "cheese" not throwing a fit :) Stay tuned for an "All about Ty at age 2" on his actual birthday :)


  1. The cake is VERY impressive! :) Looks like a cute party and it is so fun when they can really get excited about the whole celebration.

  2. DARLING!!! L-O-V-E the fruit plate! Good job, party mama! Ty is too cute!

  3. Love the Elmo theme:) Looks like everyone was having a great time! Happy Birthday Ty!

  4. How fun!! Happy Birthday, Ty! And what a fun cake!! It puts my Family Fare sheet cake to SHAME! HA!! :o) You did such a good job!!