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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We CAN outsmart an almost 2 year old :)

For the last couple months, Ty has been able to reach the light switch in his room to turn it on and off. Most the time he just likes to turn it on, especially when he is not suppose to ..... like nap time.... and in the middle of the night when he should be sleeping. Lights on to him mean play time, which meant no naps and waking up at night. We finally decided to tape the light switch down. At first it worked, and then he figured out if he picked at it enough he could rip the tape off. I got a little smarter after that and really loaded on the tape, reinforcing it by taping it in all different directions. Well that was so much work we got to the point where we refused to take it on and off all the time, so we just had a lamp on in his room when we needed it. After doing some research, there are really not that many options of light switch guards. There are ones that are adhesive (yeah right, it'd take Ty like 5 minutes to rip it off - just like the adhesive door safety locks). Then there were screwed in ones that you had to reach from the side to turn it on (again, I bet after 1 nap time Ty would have mastered it). Then I spotted the jackpot on Amazon..... this little contraption screws in AND you have to push in a button WHILE flipping the switch at the same time. BOOYAH, not figuring that one out buddy :) No more tape and no more lights on when they should be off!
Good Luck Ty!