Back Ground

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


West Michigan FINALLY got some snow! We had a few flurries here or there, but nothing has stuck on the ground for more than a day. Green and sunny Christmas and New Year's Days just don't feel the same as a white wonderland :) I was very excited to bring Ty out, as this year, he is much more capable of actually playing in the snow. We bundled him up and out we went! Ty loves "mas" (what he calls snow)! We first brought him on the sled and pulled him around the house. He had a major face plant as Nate was running, but Nate wiped away the tears and he wanted to keep going! Ty soon found his love for snowballs! He thought it was the funniest thing throwing them at Nate, having them thrown at him, and of course throwing them at me :)
YAY to more snow fun for the next couple months! I know I will be sick of it soon, so I'm trying to enjoy it right now!


  1. Love it! But I am more than happy to let you guys have the snow...I'll take the 40-50 degree weather we've been having! :-)