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Saturday, January 14, 2012

24 Weeks

I can't believe I am 25 weeks tomorrow! Time is flying by! I still don't feel that I am much bigger with her than I was with Ty. I think I am carrying slightly higher but other than that I feel about the same. I've been feeling her much more over the last week and can watch my belly dance at times, which is always fun! I've been feeling much better with a few random morning sickness days. Other than that, I finally have enough energy to get back into my work out routine which always feels good! This weekend, I finally got all Ty's crib bedding washed and packed away and Baby Girl's bedding washed. The crib has been raised and in the next week or so I'll get the new bedding in. Yes, I know that I still have 15 weeks, but I can't help but want to see some pink in there :) Ty loves talking about how the nursery is now Baby's room. I can ask him to go put something in baby's room and he'll run straight there and point to everything and say "Baby's (fill in the blank)" haha. Very cute :)

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