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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ty's Big Boy Room

We finally finished Ty's big boy room! This past Saturday, we finished some projects I wanted to do in his new room and I also finished organizing everything that was once in this office/guest bedroom..... This is what it looked like mid-way through me organizing and taking out everything that was once in the closets, desks, and shelves of this room........
After lots of work, here is the final product! After we were finished, Ty could not get enough of his room. He basically shut his door on us and stayed in there most of the day.... haha

Of course, it's sports themed!
Ty's bed and basketball hoop
On the other side of the room are the bookshelves we made out of rain gutters and an oil drip pan we used as a big magnetic board for him! Thanks pinterest!
Above his bookshelves were these cubes and we didn't really have anything to put in them (I know that will change) so right now we are continuing with the sports theme and we used Nate's old sports equipment from High School!

Ty's first time sleeping in his big boy room. I may or may not have gotten emotional taking this picture... haha

Ty LOVES his new room. Nate and I are pretty pleased on how it turned out as well. The best part is, we have NO toys in our living room anymore! We know that will change in a few months when we bring out the bouncer and swing but for now, we love it!
He loves shooting from his bed

Ty loves being able to see all his books. He has read more in the past few days than I've ever seen him read! I really think being able to see all the covers/pictures motivates him to get a book randomly and plop down and read (the teacher in me gets excited every time he does this!).

He has woken up 1 or 2 times a night but is doing well adjusting. Hopefully in the next night or two he'll sleep all the way through. Now in a couple weeks, we will start getting the nursery ready for baby girl!


  1. It turned out so great, Kristen! I love all of your Pinterest-inspired ideas! Good work!!

  2. and we used your idea of using the boys' old sports stuff!! Thanks for the idea :)

  3. Very cute. At first, I thought the top picture was the finished product. I was thinking, yep, typical boy. lol