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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

Normally on Christmas Eve we celebrate with my side of the family. Unfortunately, it just didn't work out this year, but Nate, Ty, and I got to celebrate just the 3 of us. I grew up always celebrating "Christmas" on Christmas Eve, so I was excited for this day! Not that Ty really understood what Christmas was all about, we did manage to hold his attention through reading about the Christmas Story from his toddler Bible (which he currently LOVES). The way he says "Jesus" is so cute! We've been really trying to make it a point to talk about God with Ty lately. Our faith has been such a big part of our lives, and has kept us strong, especially this past year. We want Ty to see and hear God through us.

Ty did give us our first present on Christmas Eve by sleeping in until just about 8:00! We enjoyed a delicious breakfast (thanks to pinterest) and then spent the morning playing with Ty.

Nate has gotten back into his running routine, and Ty just loves going on runs with him! Ty was bundled up head to toe in snow gear and had two blankets on him for this run, but he loved it all the same!We attempted to put Ty down for an early nap (due to a different church time), and it totally backfired on us. He ended up not taking a nap at all, so he had some quiet time, and then we played some more before church. My family always has had a prime rib on the rotisserie for Christmas Eve, so I couldn't break tradition. I bought my first prime rib, borrowed my parents rotisserie and attempted my first! I set it just before church, and then got home just in time to put the potatoes and green beans on so it'd all be done at the same time. DELICIOUS...... all of it! I was impressed with myself :)

After dinner, Nate and I were cleaning up and Ty was playing in the living room. We had put together his present (a train table) earlier in the day and it was hiding behind a box or two and under a huge blanket. While we were busy cleaning up all of a sudden we heard a, "WHOA!". Ty had managed to take off the blanket and had seen his new present. He was SO excited to get to play with his new "choo choos" as he calls them! He has loved this present!

Nate and I loved watching Ty open his presents. Ty was much more into unwrapping gifts this year which made it more fun.
Between not getting a nap, going to church, and playing with all his new toys, Ty was exhausted and ready for bed!
Christmas Day post to come!


  1. Hee hee! How funny that Ty found his own hidden gift! Totally Ty! And prime rib --- I am impressed! (And John would be very jealous!)

  2. Love the train set - how fun!! :o)