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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Zeeland West State Champions!

Thankfully, I was feeling well enough Friday to make the drive to Detroit to watch the Dux play for the state finals. It ended up being such a blessing that Ty's Aunt Kelsi decided not to go. I think it would have been quite disastrous if Ty came. I drove down with Nate's other sister, Kara, and the rest of his family followed shortly behind. We got there just in time to check into Nate and I's hotel room (which was so nice!) and take the "people mover" to Ford Field. I had to take this picture before heading to the field though...

Here was the view from our hotel room - overlooking the river and Canada!

The boys warming up on Ford Field

The Zeeland West Coaches crew, it was very fun seeing Nate out on that field!

Zeeland West's first (of many :) ) touchdowns

The first 3 quarters were very exciting to watch, and by the 4th quarter I had settled down and accepted that there was no way Marine City could come back.
Final Score 45 - 7

Jill and I were very excited for our husbands to have this opportunity, but we were both even more excited to finally have our husband's back after an extra long season!
and of course.... the trophy!
Congrats Zeeland West!!!

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