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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A rough few days!

We had quite the week in the VandeGuchte household. Tuesday night and into Wednesday Ty had gotten a 24 hour stomach bug. The poor little man was up all night Tuesday with his first throwing up sickness. Even in the middle of throwing up, he was so sweet, he'd say "all da dees" (all done please). It broke our hearts seeing him so miserable and not being able to do anything. We survived the night (with very little sleep for any of us, but we made it!). Thankfully, Nate was able to stay home in the morning Wednesday and I took the afternoon off from school as Nate had to go to football.
Wednesday evening came, and Nate's family came over for dinner. Ty was feeling better, he still had a fever, but wasn't getting sick. He was sitting on my lap during dinner and grabbed for my popcan, and it started to tip. As it was tipping, I quickly grabbed it to stop it from spilling, and Ty's finger was right in the top. As I grabbed it, the can top slit Ty's little finger right open. We soon found that we could not get this little finger under control and decided to bring him in to get it looked at. The doctor said it was just shy of having to get stitches but was a cut that definitely would benefit from some glue. As long as he wasn't looking at the finger and we distracted him by asking him what different animals said he did pretty well while the doctor was putting it on. He was a trooper! By the time we got home he was exhausted! We all went to bed hoping we'd have an uneventful night so we could enjoy Thanksgiving the next day.
Unfortunately, I ended up getting that same 24 hour stomach bug that night that Ty had the previous day. Ty was still recovering from being sick still, and I was in bed all day, so Nate was on T-man duty. So all three of us missed Thanksgiving with our extended family and I had a total of 3 crackers and 2 eggs all day, and Nate had a frozen pizza for dinner. Yummy Thanksgiving :) I told Nate I'd make it up to him, and we are having our "own" Thanksgiving meal this coming weekend, which we are both excited for! On Friday I was feeling not 100% but I was ready to go watch the Dux beat Marine City! Hoping that our "sick" streak in our family is over for awhile!

Of course, I jinked ourselves, Nate got the stomach bug last night. At least there is no one left to get it in our house!


  1. Well, maybe Thanksgiving dinner next weekend would be better anyway. lol. Hope Maggie stays healthy!

  2. Glad you are feeling better!! I hope Nate feels better soon:)