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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunt 2011

As tradition, we headed out to the tree farm to ride the "sleigh" and cut down our tree. It wasn't the best weather but we still decided to stick it out and get our tree. It was actually raining the whole way there, but cleared just as we got a few minutes away. It might have sprinkled a time or two but no one seemed to mind!

Ty, Aunt Kelsi, Scott, and Grandma and Bumpa on the "sleigh" ride to the trees

Ty helping us find the perfect tree.... he looks so grown up!

Ty loved helping daddy cut down the tree
family photo

Ty liked Santa but didn't want to be by him unless someone was holding him. He would try and say Ho Ho Ho except it came out sounding like "Co Co Co".

The tree is at least up, but we were all to exhausted from the long weekend to decorate. Hopefully we'll have the energy sometime this week!! Let the Christmas season begin!!

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