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Friday, September 9, 2011

Last Week of Summer

We truly enjoyed our last week of summer vacation. Nate, Ty, and I basically moved into my parents cottage for the week. We were ready to live it up!

I had to include this blurry photo because it is just so cute! All the boys had gone to the Michigan game together Labor Day weekend, and this jersey is what Grandpa had bought as a gift for Ty! Go Blue!!Every day was beach day! Ty loved going down to the beach. We'd go down for an hour or so, take a small break up at the house, and then go back down. He just couldn't get enough!

One morning my friend Kelly, and her daughter, Taylor, came for a little playdate. They loved running back and forth in the stream, playing in the sand, and splashing in the water.
Thanks to Kelly who got this picture! Isn't this adorable, we had no idea what they were pointing at.... haha
One morning was a bit cooler, so I decided to take Ty into Saugatuck for a little mommy and Ty date. We had our hotdogs and fries overlooking the river, and then spent awhile walking around downtown, and finally hit up the playground. It's been three days into school, and I miss these day outings with Ty!
The best surprise of all was that Aunt Sara was able to travel to Michigan for the Labor Day weekend! We were all SO excited to see her. My twin brother and her are stationed in Germany. Colin had a 3 week training, so Sara made a trip to the States to visit family and friends. Although we were sad that Colin couldn't join, we were happy to get a part of him through Sara. Hopefully the next trip to the States will include them both!

The boys were creating a new path for the stream, and Ty had his own little shovel and was helping! So cute!
Ty helping grandpa
Our last summer walk on the beach...... Ty playing in a washed up boat.

Love him!

love them!
School has started, and it already seems that summer was forever ago. We are back into the busy days of getting up early, getting Ty to daycare on time (which is hard for me right now!), working, football, football, and more football. We are excited to see what this next school year has in store for us!


  1. LOVE that picture of Ty in the boat...a perfect end of summer, fall-like picture. So cute!

  2. You are both super parents. Ty knows he is loved and he is so adorable!