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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Apple Picking

We finally made it to Cranes early enough in the season to get Honeycrisp apples this year! Usually, we never end up making it till the very end of the apple season. We ended up picking around 50lbs of apples..... it adds up fast! I'm excited to make some applesauce and pies!

Ty was our big helper! We'd hand him the apples and he'd put them into the bag :) He loved this job, till he realized he could get out and pick them himself!
Helping us find apples....
We discovered he loved Honeycrisp apples! He wouldn't even let me have a bite of the apple!
Ty was very upset when it was too heavy for him to pull......

Of course, not pictured, is the stop at the bakery for their DELICIOUS donuts.... can't get enough of those!
Can't wait till next year's trip to Cranes!

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