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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ty's Basketball Heaven

There is definitely a benefit to being married to a high school coach. We were picking up some stuff from Nate's classroom and decided to bring Ty into one of the gyms since he loves basketball. Now, you have to realize that Ty LOVES basketball hoops. When we take a walk through our neighborhood, he successfully points out every single basketball hoop and says "BA BA!". The moment we walked into the gym and he saw all the basketball hoops, he literally started jumping up and down and saying "ba ba, ba ba, ba ba, over and over again. Then, we took him to the closet that held all the basketballs, and I totally wish I would have gotten this on tape. He freaked out. He was screaming, jumping up and down, yelling ba ba, and clapping. It was hilarious. I did get one video of him running back and forth and shooting the ball with Nate. He just could not get enough of this place. We were there for a good 40 minutes, and he still was upset when we left, and not to mention the bright red face, and sweat dripping down.

Here is a video of Ty running back and forth from the closet to the hoop. Sorry it's kind of long, but super cute!

Ty selecting the "perfect" ball

and at that moment this one is it!!
He never stopped running!
We now know where we will be spending cold, rainy, and soon snowy days!

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