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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hudsonville Fair

Last week Amy and I took Ryley and Ty to the Hudsonville Fair. I love going to fairs, and Amy and I were both excited for greasy food, turtle races (ha!), and petting the animals. We walked through all the barns with all the different animals, and I think the favorite for everyone was the goat barn! They were so cute :) I couldn't believe how "into" the goats Ty was too. He was trying to stick his fingers in every cage that we walked by.

Ty and Ryley checking them out
You can't go to a fair without getting an elephant ear.......

and a corn dog :) Nothing like a good healthy lunch!Love this picture :)
No better toy than the stroller at the fair. Ty and Ryley playing
Now, we just have to figure out which fair is coming next, so I can get my elephant ear fix once again!! Thanks Amy and Ryley for a fun day (even though Donatello didn't win the turtle race)!

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  1. I love Ty's face with the elephant ear, so cute! He was really excited! :)