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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Exploring the cupboard
One day, this became Ty's mission, to fit into the cupboard. He used to be able to fit into this cupboard, but that was a few months ago. However, he was determined to fit in.... so he tried this way.....and this way......
and this way.......
and backwards.....
after about 15 minutes he finally gave up.... haha

Exploring Crazy Bounce
Amy and I decided that we wanted to take the kids to Crazy Bounce the other day when it was rainy. I wasn't sure if Ty was going to be able to do that much but he LOVED it. He loved the ball pit in the mini bounce house and he also loved going down the huge blow up slides!

Exploring Bubbles
We have finally found our love for bubbles!! I tried putting bubbles in a few times before this, and he totally freaked out when I did. I decided to try again, and it was a hit! Every night at bath-time he points to the bubbles container and says "Ba-Ba"!

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