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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camp Sunshine 2011

Nate and I had the privilege of spending two days at Camp Sunshine this summer. This was Nate's 7th summer and my 4th summer helping out at the Camp. For those of you who don't know, Camp Sunshine is a camp that strives to provide a camp experience for individuals with developmental disabilities. It was hard leaving Ty for two full days but he had his own fun with a number of different people (thanks to Nate's family, Toddlerville, and Elies!). Nate and I love being at this camp. For me, it is completely exhausting and rejuvenating all at the same time. Being there reminds me and refocuses me on what is truly important in life. I learn so much from these campers in just a short amount of time, and it is truly a blessing to be able to spend time with them.

The first day we took a few field trips. One was to a blueberry farm where each camper got to pick a container full. The blueberries were then all put together and the camp made blueberry french toast and muffins with them!

We also went to Holland Fish & Game and all 67 campers got to fish.

Here is a picture of Nate and Zach. Nate and Zach have been great friends since elementary school and Zach even stood in our wedding. He is full of life, and is so much fun to be around.
After each meal, there is a time of reflections where we sing songs and have a bible lesson.
The best part of camp is the talent show. Each camper signs up to perform his/her talent on stage. It is so cool seeing the performances and watching the campers be so proud to be performing on a stage. There were talents that ranged from clapping to drawing pictures to throwing a baseball to telling jokes to singing and dancing.
I helped perform "Stuck like Glue" on stage... yes :)

Zach performing with his Hope Chicks!
Nate, Zach and I after the talent showWe can't wait till Camp Sunshine 2012!


  1. How wonderful! Way to go you two!

  2. make sure on your blog of camp sunshine photos make sure that you tag me those from camp on facebook