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Monday, August 29, 2011

Beach Bums

So, for the next week straight we are living at my parents house at the lake. My mom and dad will be coming back from Arizona for a few days starting Thursday, and I am super excited to see them. In the meantime, Nate, Ty, and I are ready to spend the days at the beach (except Nate still has football). So, Ty and I get some extra mommy and son time at the beach everyday, which I LOVE! :)

Throwing rocks in the lake

Ty loves running back and forth in this little stream
Nate's family came out Sunday evening to cook out and hang out at the beach for a little bit.... Ty provides great entertainment for everyone haha
Aunt Kara jumping in the water to splash Ty
Sharing some watermelon with Aunt Kelsi
I kept it light on the pictures, because we still have 6 days at the beach, and you can never get too many pictures at the beach :)

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