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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ann Arbor

We were so excited to visit some of our best friends in Ann Arbor. We have been looking forward to this weekend for the last few weeks and of course it came and went too quickly! We left later Friday afternoon and got to Ann Arbor just in time to spend a little time together before Ty went to bed for the night. We spent the weekend just relaxing, talking, playing Hand and Foot (which the boys got creamed in..... Go Girls :)), and simply enjoying spending more than a few hours together.

Ty snuggling with Uncle Matt and Aunt Sarah on the couch before bedtime

Sarah and Matt have a 13 week old puppy, Stella. Stella acts just like a puppy and she loved to chase Ty (she especially loved to try and take Ty's bear, which he did not like at all)!
Ty man
Ty man and Stella playing outsideUncle Matt giving Ty a bath. Matt is always the bath man when we get together.
Ty wrestling on the floor with Uncle Matt and Stella
Ty and Stella playing in the tunnel
We were so sad to leave on Sunday and can't wait for our next visit!
Thanks Matt and Sarah, we love you!

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