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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Canada 2011

Our trip to Canada is what Nate and I look forward to most in the summers. My dad started going there when he was a little boy after his grandfather had built a wood cabin on Lake Chub. This Lake is 30 minutes from the nearest "town" and is just absolutely beautiful. We stay in cabins which have no real connection to the "outside world" and I LOVE it! We spend our days relaxing, fishing, playing cards, and just sitting by the lake.

The cottageOn the boat

Nate teaching Ty how to fish!

This is the fish Ty caught on his 2 foot Snoopy fishing pole!!

Nate's catch..... I will add that Nate caught a much bigger bass. He landed a 20 inch bass, and his crazy wife accidentally dropped the fish before he could get a picture with it..... I felt awful.... bad wife of the year award!

and then there is mine..... haha. I didn't have the best year!

Nate and I on our anniversary! We have spent every anniversary in Canada, and probably forever will! What a great way to celebrate!
Family game of hearts
Ty found his love for "dipping" his food into things..... salsa, ketchup, ranch, he loves it all!
It was extra hot and humid this year which made for great swimming weather
Our annual Candy Rock Mountain hike. This is where Nate had proposed to me, and we always said we'd have to do the hike every year since then. We were planning on getting a hiking backpack before we left, but it just didn't happen. SO, Nate carried Ty on his shoulders the whole way. Now, this isn't the hardest hike, but it sure isn't flat the whole way. I was so happy Nate did this though, I love being able to share these memories with Ty!
We also love going kayaking on the lake. Maggie has always loved going with us, and we were so excited to bring Ty out this year. He loved it! He was hesitant at first with the life jacket, but once he realized that the life jacket meant either the boat or the kayak he was always squealing with excitement to get it on!
miss these evenings out on the boat......
The countdown now begins to next year's trip! We are hoping to make it two weeks next year! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Utensils, fountains, and pools :)

Over the last few weeks we have really been trying to get Ty interested in using utensils when he eats. He struggles with the fork, but with the spoon, he LOVES to eat yogurt with it. We have yogurt just about everyday after nap and it's the perfect time to let him get messy while working on his skills. :)

Downtown Holland with Kelly and Taylor
Ty's first milkshake! Nate had gotten a mint chocolate chip milkshake and Ty just loved it. He had a tantrum every time we took it away from him.

Pool time with aunt Kara and aunt Kelsi

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Nate and I decided to join the rest of his family on a trip to Wisconsin to visit his aunt, uncle, cousin Juan, and his grandparents. Normally, this trip takes us about 4 1/2 hours. Little did we know that we would hit every single traffic jam possible. So, instead of 4 1/2 hours, it took us 8 1/2 hours.... not quite what we had planned! Ty did SO well, which we were so thankful for! We arrived just in time to put Ty to bed. The following day we all drove to visit his uncle, who just had a massive heart attack and open heart surgery. We had fun visiting for the day and watching Juan and Ty "play" together. We had lots of family time, and enjoyed relaxing, playing and having a little time away from home.

Ty, Juan, and Nate

Ty and his aunt Kara and aunt Kelsi
Ty and I on the merry-go-round at the parkOn the train ride
They also had a petting farm at the park. Ty thought it was hilarious when the goats would wag their tails.
We headed home early Monday morning, and thankfully we made it back in the normal 4 1/2 hours (after stopping at the outlet malls :)) We got home and it was a beautiful day so it was play time!

Ty checking out his new sprinkler

Ty loves playing with the hose!He loved getting Maggie.....

and himself :)