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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vegetables, Playdates, and Summer Fun!

Although some people might classify corn as a grain, it is a vegetable in my book, and Ty ate it! This boy does not like eating vegetables (at least that I have seen!). We used to be able to sneak some pureed vegetables on his grilled cheese and such, now he sees right through it. He will eat them out of these pouch things that I buy, but refuses to eat soft cooked vegetables..... UNTIL NOW! For his first time, he ate a soft cook vegetable and seemed to like it. Anytime he has tried vegetables, the moment it hits his tongue, he'll gag and spit it out. Hopefully this is a new trend, and soon he'll try a green veggie :)

Giving daddy a high ten for being such a big boy!

Wednesday was a playdate day with Kelly and Taylor. It was a beautiful day, so we decided to head to the park and spend some time in the kiddie pool. Here are Ty and Taylor in the bike trailer. They were talking and laughing the whole way to the park.

Ty likes to go down the little slides all by himself! He's growing up too fast!After lunch was pool time. I love this picture with Ty's tongue hanging out haha. They had so much fun together.

Thursday was a playdate with Amy and Ryley!

We had some lunch......

looked at the lake....swam in the lake.....
and played in the water and sand.....
Yay for vegetables, playdates, and summer time!!

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