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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Playdate Fun!

We had never been to the Aquatic Center before so I was totally pumped when my friend, Kelly, asked if Ty and I would want to do a playdate with her and her daughter Taylor there. I work with Kelly at Blue Star and her daughter, Taylor is two weeks older than Ty. Taylor and Ty also get to hang out during the school year as they go to daycare together. I was so surprised how daring Ty was! In his kiddie pool he has never liked when we fill it up over his knees but he was literally trying to run through the water when it was up to chest. So we played in lots of fountains, on the water tire swing, playing with the steering wheels, climbing up and down the stairs, and he even went down the slide once by himself (they wouldn't let me go down with him, but I was at the end to catch him!) and he smiled the whole way down.

Ty and Taylor before going into the pool
Ty and Taylor splashing away (pretty much all in my face!)Ty on the water tire swing
Thanks Kelly and Taylor for the fun morning!!


  1. It was so much fun!! I LOVE the picture of the kiddos splashing while you are holding them!! Too funny!

  2. FUN! When Rowan saw the pictures, she kept saying "Ty in the bath!". :) And the I pointed to Taylor and said "Is this Taylor?" and she said "No, it's not.". Ha ha. Looks like you guys had a great time! I'm excited for Thursday!

  3. Looks like a blast! Elsa really wants to come next time, but I told her she has to gain more weight first because the swim diapers don't come small enough for her! Haha! :)