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Monday, June 20, 2011

No More Bottle!

BIG milestone in the VandeGuchte Household! I have been holding onto this last bottle for the last few months. He has always had a bottle right after bathtime at night. The moment he got out of the tub he would start crying for his "bubba". A couple weeks ago we started weaning him down ounce by ounce every few days. He definitely would get upset when there was just a small ounce to drink and he was done so quickly. A few nights ago (June 17), Nate was gone, and I just decided lets just try with no bottle at all. He cried getting into his pj's, and cried a little even with his bear blanket and paci. One thing about Ty is that he LOVES his bed. He won't snuggle, read, or rock once he knows it's naptime or bedtime. We always sing Jesus Loves Me before he goes down and by the end of the song he is reaching for his crib (hopefully that's not because of our singing :) ). He had calmed down and was reaching for his crib, I laid him down, and he flipped over, put his butt in the air (he always sleeps like this!) and snuggled with bear. He went right to sleep and slept his normal night of 7:30-7! After I put him down, I called Nate, and began tearing up as I realized this was the last "baby" thing I had been holding onto with Ty. It wasn't hard for him to go down without it, so could we have done it earlier, yes. Could I have done it, no. :)
He no longer looks like a baby and is full toddler. I miss those little baby days, and it went by so quickly, but I love seeing his personality come out and watching him learn so many new things everyday. SO no more bottles in the VandeGuchte house..... well until the next one arrives (no worries, this isn't an announcement :) )

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