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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Weekend

I was so excited for Memorial Day this year. Well, I'm usually always a little bit excited for memorial weekend since it's my birthday, but this year we had lots to look forward to! Saturday, Nate had his Team State track meet, so he was gone all day. It wasn't the best weather so I was set on cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. In fact, Ty was such a good boy, I did 2 hours of errands, and then he played in the living room and in the garage (since it was raining) while I cleaned for 2 hours. At that point I put him down for a nap and cleaned an additional 2.5 hours! I was on a cleaning rampage!

Here is Ty playing in the garage, since it was raining out, and he just kept pounding and pounding on the door to go out side... He was happy with this option though!
After it stopped raining, Ty went to one of the kitchen drawers, got out the tongs that Nate always uses when he grills, and ran straight for the grill!! Nate has taught him well already! Ty just stood there hitting the grill with them, it was so cute!On Sunday, Nate and I were off to Traverse City for a friend's wedding. Both Nate and I have spent nights away from Ty separately, but we have both never been gone at the same time, so this was a first! Nate's parents watched Ty at our house and we were off! We went to the wedding, which was beautiful, and then went to one of the wineries in-between the wedding at the reception. The winery was on top of this hill overlooking the vineyards and the Lake. I hadn't been feeling the best, and we didn't stay long at the winery. I ended up getting sick multiple times throughout the rest of the day. I was pretty sure that I had gotten some type of food poisoning. We tried going to the reception, but were only able to stay for about 45 minutes. We were back to the hotel at 7:30 and I was out by 8 and slept till 8:30. We woke up the next morning and we headed back home. I was feeling better, and I was SO excited to see Ty.
Monday, was my birthday, and my cousin and her son (who is 3 days younger than Ty) came over to relax and play in the beautiful weather. The boys had lots of fun running around, playing in the water, and pushing around all the wagons and cars.

Overall, it was a fun weekend, and the beautiful weather got me anxious for summer to be here. 7 days and counting!!!!!!

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