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Monday, June 27, 2011


My great aunt and uncle were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and they had decided to plan a family reunion weekend to celebrate. First of all, 50 years, what an accomplishment! We headed down to Indy on Friday, right before Ty's nap. Friday night we headed to Aunt Julie's house for dinner. Carrabbas was catered in and it was delicious! Ty's cousin, Bella, who is four, was there and they LOVED each other. Ty was saying "Bewwa" all weekend! They enjoyed running up and down the stairs, around the house, up and down the front path and driveway, and all the while I am just trying to make sure nothing gets broken!

Ty had his FIRST fast food french fry on the way!

Shortly after..... nap timeSaturday morning, Ty had some daddy and grandpa time. Of course, it was practicing baseball....
and not pictured...... golf.
Later that morning, we headed to my cousin's house to go swimming in their neighborhood pool.
Grandma with Ty and Bella

Saturday evening was dinner at the Bridgewater Country Club. It was a beautiful setting and GREAT food. It was fun catching up with family and having a kid-free night!

After dinner, a few of my cousins, my dad, and my aunt, decided we weren't quite done for the night. We decided to head to Dave & Busters for a few hours. For those of you who don't know, Dave & Busters is basically a Chuckie Cheese for adults. SO FUN :)
Sunday morning, was brunch back at my Aunt Julie's house. Ty and Bella loved climbing up and down the stairs. I think Ty thought Bella was the coolest person ever this weekend. They were so cute together!

Second favorite thing.....running up and down the front path.
This weekend reminded me how much I love being with family. It isn't that often that we get together, but when we do, we truly enjoy being with each other. We had so much fun in Indy, but there is nothing like the feeling of being home after being gone.

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