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Friday, May 27, 2011

We Can't Wait For Summer!

The VandeGuchte family is ready for the summer months! It has been quite the rainy season in Michigan this Spring and we are ready to be outdoors. Ty has found his love for the outdoors, and to say he loves it is an understatement.... Below is him pounding at the door to go outside....

and here he is now throwing a tantrum because it happened to be raining and I said No to going outside.....I'm such a mean mommy!

Last Friday Ty and I spend Friday evening with one of my best friends, Amy, and her daughter, Ryley, who is 4 months younger than Ty. They enjoyed going on the swingset, even though it was a little buggy...
Ryley is loving to give kisses, and she'll pucker her lips and give a big smooch. All we had to say was Ryley give Ty a kiss and then she did! haha :)

Ty then had to give a slobbery kiss back (Ryley looks a little scared haha)!

Ty has finally gotten his few days of "summer" weather. He has loved playing in his truck, wagon, and water table. It is going to be a fun but busy summer chasing him around! BRING ON SUMMER!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

April and May

I apologize for the long post!

Catch up time!
So it's been awhile since I last blogged. I thought I'd be better at being consistent, but hey I'm trying! I'll quickly update everyone on our lives over the last month. :)

We had a rough last two months with Ty being sick. He was just not himself and was throwing up almost every day for two months straight and we were trying to figure out what was causing it. After Spring Break we went back into the doctor and discussed some possibilities. We first thought that maybe he had developed a food allergy so we got some blood work done, which came back all normal. The next route we were going to take was to get an upper GI, but after he had gotten his blood drawn that was the last day he threw up! We were scheduled to get the upper GI that next week, and decided against it as the throwing up had stopped. Bizarre! Of course it always happens that way, he was sick for two months straight and right when you start investigating it is done. Obviously, we are VERY happy that this was just a weird 2 month phase, but we hope it doesn't come back. I can't begin to tell you how many loads of laundry, changing of sheets, cleaning of carpets, and scrubbing car seat covers I did in that two months!

This year we decided we'd do a little Easter egg hunt with Ty. He loves putting things in baskets so we figured he'd be "into" it. I have always grown up using real eggs, but we decided to put that off for one more year as a 14 month old probably doesn't know how to gently put the eggs in the bucket :) He loved finding the eggs! I couldn't believe how much he understood the concept of looking for the colored eggs and bringing them to his bucket!!
He loved his final little basket full of puffs (his favorite!), bubbles, chalk (which he has loved since it's been warm out), and 2 new toy trucks. Tulip Time
I love Tulip Time. I love seeing all the beautiful flowers BUT maybe more than the flowers, I love the food :) Also, I never thought that I would dress my kids up in dutch outfits, but after finding a deal on craigslist, I gave in and got one for Ty!

Here is a family picture from Tulip Time 2010

Here is a family picture this year. Ty has grown into a little boy!
Here is Ty in a his dutch boy outfit! I couldn't believe he actually kept the hat on! He was so cute!
Ty and his friend Ryley :) They loved riding around in the wagon together!

Ty and Ryley got the balcony seating while watching the dutch dancers :)

We got to go downtown twice for Tulip Time this year which has satisfied us until May 2012 :)