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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Arizona - Part II

Spring Break - Arizona

Finally, mid-way through the week Ty was back to his normal self! Wednesday was a little cloudy/cold (yes 70 degrees was too cold) so we decided to head to the children's museum in Phoenix. It was quite small but there was so much for Ty to do! There was a noodle forest with an entire room of noodles hanging from the ceiling. He loved it only when Nate was doing karate chops at the noodles as they went through....
They had cars for him to drive, legos to build, mini car races, tubes that blew koosh balls at you (which was his favorite!), music to play, bridges to cross, slides to go down, tunnels to crawl through, and so much for. We were exhausted after only an hour!On Thursday we decided to go to the Phoenix Zoo. Compared to John Ball Zoo it was HUGE! There were so many animals to look at. My all time favorite was the giraffes, I just LOVE giraffes. If you paid $4 you could feed the giraffe, and there was no hesitation for me to pay the 4 bucks..haha. Ty wasn't too sure about the giraffe and smacked it (oops)! I have to say feeding the giraffe was one my top highlights of the trip!

Ty was interested in looking at all the animals and it took us about three hours to walk around the zoo. By that point, Ty was completely exhausted and was ready to go h
ome. Within 2 minutes of leaving the parking lot, Ty had fallen right asleep.

Of course, we had to take a few more pictures around the lake. It's 1.2 miles around the lake and we probably walked around it at least 4-5 times per day. The fountain goes off every hour and shoots 300-500 feet in the air. Ty loved watching the fountain go off as we walked around the lake. Another favorite thing of his was to "chase" the ducks. His squeal was priceless and made it all worth some of those 5:30am walks :)

We were more nervous about the plane ride home, considering how the first one went. So, we went to Target and Ty got to pick out a few new toys to play with just when we were on the airplane. The two toys he couldn't get enough of in Target were a truck that played "Play This Funky Music" and a little laptop. So they were tucked away and not taken out until we desperately needed them. Originally, Nate and I were not even sitting next to each other on the plane, and it was a full flight. Thankfully the wonderful counter lady called up some people and arranged it so we could be by each other (and 20 rows up!). Take off....bottle and asleep for over an hour... cereal bar...lunch...books...puffs...Baby Einstein...puffs...laptop...puffs (thank goodness for puffs!)...more books...we are descending...getting fussy....Play that Funky Music truck....Funky Music truck....Funky Music truck (sorry old man sitting next to us!).... Funky Music truck (get the picture).... and we land! No tantrums, no puke, no blowups :)

We were so happy that we decided to take this last minute trip. It was great to see family and relax together. It was truly a well needed getaway!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Arizona Part I

Spring Break - Arizona

Well, 2 weeks before Spring Break we decided we wanted to go somewhere warm. We found some good airline deals and booked tickets to go visit my parents, brother, and sister-in-law in Arizona. Of course, Ty gets sick right before we leave. He had a bad cold and was throwing up often. We went to the doctor before we left, and sinus infection. He was having so much drainage though that it was upsetting his stomach which caused him to throw up (and I mean projectile throw-up) at least 4 times per day. The one thing we were very nervous about was the plane rides.... Our plane left about an hour after he was suppose to be in bed, so we were hoping that he'd sleep the whole way. Take off - okay... 2 minutes after take off... puke everywhere (and all over me).....awesome....change Ty's clothes... wipe off my clothes.... distract Ty with Baby Einstein... crying.... finally falls asleep for 1 1/2 hours... huge blowup (on me)... wipe off my clothes.... change Ty clothes...and we make it (I'm alive still.. hallelujah!). We take a huge breath knowing we survived.

We crashed when we got to my parents house (about midnight) and Ty was ready to go at 4:30am again. Ty being our first child, we had never realized the challenges of a THREE hour time change. Thankfully it was beautiful weather and Nate, Ty, and I were out on a walk around Fountain Lake at 5:30am. This became our routine every morning. We could not get Ty to adjust to the time change and finally just kept him on MI time, which meant bedtime at 5:30 AZ time, and waking up at 4:30am AZ time. Nate and I took turns getting up in the mornings thankfully. The unfortunate part was that Ty's antibiotics did not kick in till about 4 days into the trip so he was still throwing up all the time. He was a little fussier than usual but the throwing up didn't seem to really affect him. Wednesday afternoon he was back to his normal self. Even though we were waking up early and he was kind of sick we were still able to enjoy the beautiful weather in AZ.

This is a hike that goes around my parents house and over looks Fountain Hills. Ty loved hanging out in the hiking backpack!

Fountain Park - They had a great playground for Ty to play on! Ty and Nate playing catch!
Saguaro Lake - We were going to rent a pontoon boat, but decided against because of how busy Ty is. Hopefully next trip out to AZ we'll feel like we can handle a few hours on a boat! Beautiful!
Sunrise Hike - This was a hike that overlooked Scottsdale. It was probably about 85-90 degrees and it was about a 2 - 2.5 mile hike up.
Ty was so hot and exhausted by the time we got to the top of the hike that this was him the entire way back down.... which I don't know how he could sleep through that...
Stay tuned for Part II........ It gets much more exciting :)