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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ty's 1st Birthday Party!

Happy 1st Birthday Ty James!!

I had so much fun pondering about what I wanted to do for Ty's 1st birthday party. Nate wanted to do a sports theme but I insisted that I get to do my more baby type theme for his 1st birthday, since we all know Nate will get a sports theme in multiple years :) SO an animal theme it was, since Ty loves animals! Zeeland Bakery did an AMAZING job on his cake. It matched all his decorations perfectly.

Ty had tried "regular" cake before and didn't want anything to do with it. I ended up making him a banana type cake and he LOVED it when I tried out the recipe. I had then just let him taste test the frosting and he had liked it as well. I hadn't tried the frosting on the cake but thought he would do fine on his big day. We lit his candle, sang Happy Birthday (which he totally loved everyone looking at him), and then it was his turn to dig in.....
Once he got frosting on his hands, he totally freaked out. This was just the beginning of him losing it. I have to admit, as much as it was sad that he was freaking out, I had to hold back myself from laughing. By the time it was over, he had blue frosting in his hair, all over his shirt, over me, and on the floor. We got him pretty much cleaned up and I gave him a plain banana cupcake and he gobbled it right up!

After opening all his gifts, which he completely wasn't interested in opening,we put together a few and let the little kiddos play with them. They all had a blast! After playing, we all knew when the party should end as all the little ones were letting us know that it was well past nap-time :)

and....after a fun but long day of celebrating he was ready for an early bedtime!

It's hard to believe that his 1st birthday has come and gone so quickly... I guess I need to start planning for his 2nd one :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!

It's 10:00pm and exactly one year ago I was still in labor with Ty. I still remember everything about that day and the exact feeling I had when I saw Ty for the first time. Instant love. Nothing else mattered in that moment other than loving that little 6lb 8oz boy. 12 months later we have a funny, sweet, running, busy, 24 pound little man that I love more and more each day. God has truly blessed our family by allowing us to raise such a wonderful little boy.

Here is Ty 1 year tidbits :)

Teeth: (with one more trying to poke through!)
Biggest Milestone: walking EVERYWHERE!
Favorite toy: Orange tunnel and now your new basketball hoop
Food: Cheese and bananas - Most days a picky eater but I always know that he'll take these two things. Ty HATES soft cooked vegetables. Sometimes he will eat pureed, if we can trick him :)
Sleep: 2 naps during the day and 11-12 hours straight at night (love it!)
Weight: Not official but I'm guessing around 24 pounds! Solid boy!
Favorite Movie: Baby Noah
Loves to..... dance, talk, throw the ball to Maggie, open and shut doors, play with measuring cups and the salad spinner, and LOVES LOVES LOVES LOVES his teddy blanket!

Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet little man Ty James VandeGuchte!
Birthday party post to come soon!!!