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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

We had opened gifts Christmas Eve, so Christmas morning was Ty's stocking. He has been into Elmo for the last couple months so it was an Elmo themed day! First, an Elmo bath book....

Then he got Elmo PJ's which he HAD to be put on once he saw them. Since then, they have already been washed a 2-3 times because that is all he wants to wear and throws a fit when I try and take "Elmo" off!

Elmo sippy cups from Nate's family. He slept with both of them at naptime.... :)

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and hanging out with family. It's hard to believe Christmas has come and gone!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

Normally on Christmas Eve we celebrate with my side of the family. Unfortunately, it just didn't work out this year, but Nate, Ty, and I got to celebrate just the 3 of us. I grew up always celebrating "Christmas" on Christmas Eve, so I was excited for this day! Not that Ty really understood what Christmas was all about, we did manage to hold his attention through reading about the Christmas Story from his toddler Bible (which he currently LOVES). The way he says "Jesus" is so cute! We've been really trying to make it a point to talk about God with Ty lately. Our faith has been such a big part of our lives, and has kept us strong, especially this past year. We want Ty to see and hear God through us.

Ty did give us our first present on Christmas Eve by sleeping in until just about 8:00! We enjoyed a delicious breakfast (thanks to pinterest) and then spent the morning playing with Ty.

Nate has gotten back into his running routine, and Ty just loves going on runs with him! Ty was bundled up head to toe in snow gear and had two blankets on him for this run, but he loved it all the same!We attempted to put Ty down for an early nap (due to a different church time), and it totally backfired on us. He ended up not taking a nap at all, so he had some quiet time, and then we played some more before church. My family always has had a prime rib on the rotisserie for Christmas Eve, so I couldn't break tradition. I bought my first prime rib, borrowed my parents rotisserie and attempted my first! I set it just before church, and then got home just in time to put the potatoes and green beans on so it'd all be done at the same time. DELICIOUS...... all of it! I was impressed with myself :)

After dinner, Nate and I were cleaning up and Ty was playing in the living room. We had put together his present (a train table) earlier in the day and it was hiding behind a box or two and under a huge blanket. While we were busy cleaning up all of a sudden we heard a, "WHOA!". Ty had managed to take off the blanket and had seen his new present. He was SO excited to get to play with his new "choo choos" as he calls them! He has loved this present!

Nate and I loved watching Ty open his presents. Ty was much more into unwrapping gifts this year which made it more fun.
Between not getting a nap, going to church, and playing with all his new toys, Ty was exhausted and ready for bed!
Christmas Day post to come!

Friends & Family Time

The one thing we love about the holidays is spending extra time with our close friends & family. It seems our relaxing days quickly fill with getting together with friends and family that we don't get to see (which is a great thing!)

Making chocolate covered pretzels with Aunt Kara.... reading books with Aunt Kara and Aunt Kelsi

Smiles with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Matt
and some kisses for Aunt Sarah
This is just a tiny glimpse into the time spent with family and friends this past week. We are so blessed!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ty's Big Boy Room

We finally finished Ty's big boy room! This past Saturday, we finished some projects I wanted to do in his new room and I also finished organizing everything that was once in this office/guest bedroom..... This is what it looked like mid-way through me organizing and taking out everything that was once in the closets, desks, and shelves of this room........
After lots of work, here is the final product! After we were finished, Ty could not get enough of his room. He basically shut his door on us and stayed in there most of the day.... haha

Of course, it's sports themed!
Ty's bed and basketball hoop
On the other side of the room are the bookshelves we made out of rain gutters and an oil drip pan we used as a big magnetic board for him! Thanks pinterest!
Above his bookshelves were these cubes and we didn't really have anything to put in them (I know that will change) so right now we are continuing with the sports theme and we used Nate's old sports equipment from High School!

Ty's first time sleeping in his big boy room. I may or may not have gotten emotional taking this picture... haha

Ty LOVES his new room. Nate and I are pretty pleased on how it turned out as well. The best part is, we have NO toys in our living room anymore! We know that will change in a few months when we bring out the bouncer and swing but for now, we love it!
He loves shooting from his bed

Ty loves being able to see all his books. He has read more in the past few days than I've ever seen him read! I really think being able to see all the covers/pictures motivates him to get a book randomly and plop down and read (the teacher in me gets excited every time he does this!).

He has woken up 1 or 2 times a night but is doing well adjusting. Hopefully in the next night or two he'll sleep all the way through. Now in a couple weeks, we will start getting the nursery ready for baby girl!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Half Way to Meeting Baby GIRL!

I really can't believe we are already half way through this pregnancy. It has FLOWN! It feels like yesterday we just found out that we were pregnant, not 16 weeks ago! This entire pregnancy, Nate and I have been feeling like "it's a girl". Even though we thought it was girl, we figured it was probably still a boy haha. We were SO excited to find out what this little one was, and I was anxiously counting down the days. For those of you who know me well, I need to know things, and I don't like to be surprised, so I was ready!

Here is the 20 week photo. I don't feel too much bigger at this point than I did with Ty.

Of course, here are some photos of our sweet little girl! She was quite the acrobat. This is how she spent most of the ultrasound. Her knees are by her face and feet way over her head! Her leg and those cute little toes!

Finally we got some photos of her in a more normal position.
We are beyond excited about our little one and I am thrilled to get to buy some PINK! :) April 29 will be here before we know it!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunt 2011

As tradition, we headed out to the tree farm to ride the "sleigh" and cut down our tree. It wasn't the best weather but we still decided to stick it out and get our tree. It was actually raining the whole way there, but cleared just as we got a few minutes away. It might have sprinkled a time or two but no one seemed to mind!

Ty, Aunt Kelsi, Scott, and Grandma and Bumpa on the "sleigh" ride to the trees

Ty helping us find the perfect tree.... he looks so grown up!

Ty loved helping daddy cut down the tree
family photo

Ty liked Santa but didn't want to be by him unless someone was holding him. He would try and say Ho Ho Ho except it came out sounding like "Co Co Co".

The tree is at least up, but we were all to exhausted from the long weekend to decorate. Hopefully we'll have the energy sometime this week!! Let the Christmas season begin!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Zeeland West State Champions!

Thankfully, I was feeling well enough Friday to make the drive to Detroit to watch the Dux play for the state finals. It ended up being such a blessing that Ty's Aunt Kelsi decided not to go. I think it would have been quite disastrous if Ty came. I drove down with Nate's other sister, Kara, and the rest of his family followed shortly behind. We got there just in time to check into Nate and I's hotel room (which was so nice!) and take the "people mover" to Ford Field. I had to take this picture before heading to the field though...

Here was the view from our hotel room - overlooking the river and Canada!

The boys warming up on Ford Field

The Zeeland West Coaches crew, it was very fun seeing Nate out on that field!

Zeeland West's first (of many :) ) touchdowns

The first 3 quarters were very exciting to watch, and by the 4th quarter I had settled down and accepted that there was no way Marine City could come back.
Final Score 45 - 7

Jill and I were very excited for our husbands to have this opportunity, but we were both even more excited to finally have our husband's back after an extra long season!
and of course.... the trophy!
Congrats Zeeland West!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A rough few days!

We had quite the week in the VandeGuchte household. Tuesday night and into Wednesday Ty had gotten a 24 hour stomach bug. The poor little man was up all night Tuesday with his first throwing up sickness. Even in the middle of throwing up, he was so sweet, he'd say "all da dees" (all done please). It broke our hearts seeing him so miserable and not being able to do anything. We survived the night (with very little sleep for any of us, but we made it!). Thankfully, Nate was able to stay home in the morning Wednesday and I took the afternoon off from school as Nate had to go to football.
Wednesday evening came, and Nate's family came over for dinner. Ty was feeling better, he still had a fever, but wasn't getting sick. He was sitting on my lap during dinner and grabbed for my popcan, and it started to tip. As it was tipping, I quickly grabbed it to stop it from spilling, and Ty's finger was right in the top. As I grabbed it, the can top slit Ty's little finger right open. We soon found that we could not get this little finger under control and decided to bring him in to get it looked at. The doctor said it was just shy of having to get stitches but was a cut that definitely would benefit from some glue. As long as he wasn't looking at the finger and we distracted him by asking him what different animals said he did pretty well while the doctor was putting it on. He was a trooper! By the time we got home he was exhausted! We all went to bed hoping we'd have an uneventful night so we could enjoy Thanksgiving the next day.
Unfortunately, I ended up getting that same 24 hour stomach bug that night that Ty had the previous day. Ty was still recovering from being sick still, and I was in bed all day, so Nate was on T-man duty. So all three of us missed Thanksgiving with our extended family and I had a total of 3 crackers and 2 eggs all day, and Nate had a frozen pizza for dinner. Yummy Thanksgiving :) I told Nate I'd make it up to him, and we are having our "own" Thanksgiving meal this coming weekend, which we are both excited for! On Friday I was feeling not 100% but I was ready to go watch the Dux beat Marine City! Hoping that our "sick" streak in our family is over for awhile!

Of course, I jinked ourselves, Nate got the stomach bug last night. At least there is no one left to get it in our house!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Toddler Bed

A few weeks ago Ty had mastered climbing out of the pack-n-play at my parent's house... We were waiting for the day that he would attempt his crib. We were hoping to make it until Christmas break before moving him to a big boy bed, but we had no choice but to make the switch early.... It was Saturday night at about 1 and we heard Ty crying, then it stopped for a minute, and then he started crying again but it seemed to be getting louder... and closer.... all of a sudden, there was Ty at our door! When he saw me, he stopped crying, asked for "up", and when I picked him up I could tell he was SO proud of himself. He began to jabber away like he was telling me all about this new thing that he had accomplished... Not only had he gotten out of bed, but he was WIDE AWAKE. We tried everything to get him back to sleep, with no success. He slept from abut 6am - 7am, and that was it, meaning he was up basically the entire night.

The next afternoon, I had to see how he did this.... here is his new mastered skill.... He has quite the look on his face...

It amazes me how fast he could get out!
Here is a picture of his crib....

Now turned into a toddler bed! Don't mind the blue/orange blanket, it's an extra little edge to keep Ty from rolling out which he did at naptime! This is just a temporary bed for him for about the next month. Around Christmas he will be moving into a different room, which will become his "big boy" room (sports themed of course.....) and we'll turn this room back into a nursery and this back into a crib for baby #2!
I can't believe our little man is so grown up!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! Ty was a little solider this year for Halloween. We thought this would be a great way to show our love and support for my twin brother who is serving in the Army plus he just looks so darn cute in it! Ty was VERY into wanting to try and eat the candy this year. He would even try and eat the candy through the wrapper! I took him took him to a few houses and he would walk up and say "dees" for his please and take a piece of candy. So cute. Hopefully next year we'll get the "trick or treat" haha.

Here is Ty checking out the stash last year as a dragon (he looks so little!!)........
Here is Maggie and Ty checking out the stash this year..

sitting out front helping me hand out candy

Helping Nate hand out candy after it was too cold to sit outside